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Kelly Clarkson

Geburtstag: 24.04.1982  
Geburtsort: Fort Worth / Texas / USA
Alter: Jahre  
Bekannt als: Sängerin, American Idol Gewinnerin, Schauspielerin  
Offizielle Seite:  
Kitzlige Stellen: überall  
Quelle № 1: Ask Kelly - alte offizielle Seite - 08.08.2003
  Fan: Are you ticklish? If so, where?  
  Kelly: I am extremely ticklish, everywhere!  
Quelle № 2: Interview - Open House Party - 13.03.2004
John Garabini: [laughs] So Kane tells me you’re ticklish.
Kelly Clarkson: I am completely ticklish, everywhere on my body. It’s a mental thing I’m aware of, but whatever.
John Garabini: How do you get close to people?
Kelly Clarkson: I don’t! [laughs] I hug people and then I get out as fast as I can.
John Garabini: Cause you’re giggling and stuff ?
Kelly Clarkson: Oh, I’m so ticklish, and I hate it cause everybody knows and they’ll get me, so....
Quelle № 3: Interview - Aiken4u - 26.03.2004
Review-Journal: Do you think there are some surprises about you and Kelly -- things about you that people would be surprised if they knew?
Clayton Holmes Grissom: For the most part, she and I are exactly how we come across on camera on TV. We get along well. We tickle each other like we're brother and sister a lot. Surprises? Lord, as many interviews as we do, we pretty much have told everything about ourselves. ... I just talked to a girl earlier today that knew exactly what color my car was, and what kind of car I drove.