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Shannon Elizabeth

Geburtstag: 07.09.1973  
Geburtsort: Houston / Texas / USA
Alter: Jahre  
Bekannt als: Schauspielerin, Model  
Offizielle Seite: -  
Kitzligste Stellen: Füße, Seiten  
Quelle: Starchat - Eonline - 2001
  thedarkforests: Are your feet ticklish, or are you ticklish anywhere else?  
  Shannon Elizabeth: I'm very ticklish! My feet and waist especially. I've tried to learn to control it over the years, because it's not always fun when someone makes you laugh so hard you can't breathe. And my mom's not ticklish, so I thought I could get to the point where I'm not--but I am. Just beware...I tickle back!