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Rebecca Romijn

Geburtstag: 06.11.1972  
Geburtsort: Berkeley / Kalifornien / USA
Alter: Jahre  
Bekannt als: Schauspielerin, Model  
Offizielle Seite: -  
Kitzlige Stelle: Füße  
Quelle: Starchat - Eonline - 2002
  knight4jeri: Would you wear the paint again as Mystique if they asked you back? How bad was it to have them paint your soles? Did it tickle a lot?  
  Rebecca Romijn: I'm definitely coming back as Mystique in X-Men 2, and we start in May. By the way, it wasn't my soles that tickled the most.  
  tklr5150: You have such a beautiful smile. Can you tell us if you're ticklish, and where your most ticklish spots are?  
  Rebecca Romijn: Well, I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours...