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Geburtstag: ?  
Geburtsort: ?
Alter: ?  
Bekannt als: Model  
Offizielle Seite:  
Kitzligste Stellen: Füße, Rippen  
Quelle: Kontaktformular - offizielle Seite - 06.06.2005
  Gesendet von Jack:  
  Dear Team,  I'm a big fan of Shannon and her work. She's such a beautiful person with a charming charism. Watching her stunning body I always wondered if she's ticklish. Could you ask her what's her most ticklish spot? You would really do me a favour if you'll going to answer this question. You would make my day complete. Thanks! In hope of an answer...  Best regards, Jack  
  Empfangen von Shannon-Admin:  
  She said she was ticklish in lots of places.  Her feet is one and round her ribs is another she said.